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LunaSolis Inspirations 

by Halina Hadas

Lunasolis Inspirations

For handcrafted, spiritually inspired items for everyday metaphysical living, please visit my etsy shop, Lunasolis Inspirations.

Smudging Bundle: Purification, Healing, & Divination

Smudging bundles are a traditional & sacred Native American way to clear energy. The smoke that arises from the burning sage embers can be used to cleanse a person, space, or item. This smudging bundle contains sage from Mt. Shasta, thyme, and yellow rose petals. Sage, the traditional ingredient in smudging bundles, is a powerful cleanser and purifier and calls in wisdom. Thyme calls in the added energy of love, psychic energy, and healing, to which the yellow rose petals not only contribute, but also add to by bringing in joy. With all three herbs, this smudging bundle is powerful purifier, calling in love and healing in replacement. Charged at the October 2017 Blood Moon, these bundles are especially great for healing work and divination.

Malachite and Aventurine Bracelet

Attune to your heart with this malachite and aventurine bracelet. These beautiful gemstones help your heart chakra as they protect you and promote positive energy and spiritual attunement. These gemstones are also associated with prosperity, and the two copper beads amplify all of the malachite and aventurine properties. The highlights of this handmade bracelet are the diamond-shaped malachite gemstone beads, embraced on either side by a metal spacer. Six aventurine beads grace this bracelet with lighter, almost translucent green colors.

The green hues of aventurine and the darker blue-green colors of amazonite, complete with a metal turtle pendant, whispers of the ocean. The base of the necklace begins with large 10mm aventurine beads on either side of the pendant, with three amazonite stone chips between each bead. Then, as the necklace continues up the neck, the aventurine beads decrease in size to 8mm, and then to 6mm. The amazonite chips speak to the heart and throat charkas, as they promote loving communication and recovery from emotional traumas. The aventurine beads also speak to the heart chakra, and encourages positive and renewed energy, but also protects the wearer from negativity. Together, these two stones celebrate the hues of the ocean water.