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LunaSolis Inspirations 

by Halina Hadas


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Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse 1/31/18 - Passion & Manifestation

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Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse January 2018

Passion & Manifestation

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Mercury Retrograde 12/3-12/2 2017 - Relaxation and Introspection

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Mercury Retrograde December 2017

Relaxation & Introspection

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December Full Moon 2017: Introspection and Self

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December Full Moon

Long Night’s Moon, Oak Moon, Snow Moon

Sunday December 3, 2017 7:46 AM PST

Please note that this is based off the Northern Hemisphere and varying Western traditions.

The days are growing shorter, and the nights longer. Like bears entering hibernation, we return from our harvests and retreat from the cold to rest, warm in our abodes. A celebration of these energies, this coming Sunday December 3rd marks the Long Nights Moon, or Snow Moon. As the full moon closest to the winter solstice, this is a time where the balance of dark and light is generally celebrated. However, this year, the full moon occurs 18 days from the solstice, and is not only a supermoon in Gemini, but also coincides with the first day of Mercury Retrograde. So, a lot of energy to say the least!

With this being a supermoon, we can expect the inventive, inquisitive energy of the Gemini moon to be heightened. During this time of year, people retreat to warm by their hearth fires. This occurs on a metaphysical level as well. In alignment with the season, and also the reflective, thoughtful energy of Gemini, this is the time to re-explore ourselves: our motivations and passions that are being illuminated at this time by the Sagittarius sun.

The Gemini supermoon will invite deep introspection, to seek answers for our questions, and provide inventive solutions and ideas. Ideas, which if planted and cared for, will emerge like a sprout from a seed this coming spring. Gemini is also a communication sign, and with the supermoon one might expect heightened communication and great clarity with speaking, not just with others but also with one's higher self. However, with Mercury (the planet that rules communication) going retrograde that very same day, we can expect the energies around verbal self expression to be more disharmonious, as though these two astrological forces are singing contradictory, clashing melodies (stay tuned for a vlog post on this upcoming Mercury Retrograde!).

With the sun moving through Sagittarius, questions about your greater purpose may have already been arising.The fiery, forward nature of this sign asks us to get back to our core aspirations and beliefs. While the sun in Sagittarius brings up questions about our motivations and passions in life, the super moon in Gemini offers inquisitive introspection and more importantly, answers to these questions and new, inventive ideas. Together, these two signs will give you a lot of thought to take into your own personal “hibernation” this winter. And after some marination with these thoughts, you will be able to send out some pretty powerful intentions when the Merucury Retrograde ends on December 22, in conjunction with the Winter Solstice.


So, how can you take advantage of these energies?

  • Sit Down and Get Some R&R With a Book: Perhaps there is a book you’ve been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to. With Mercury retrograde being a key time of getting some rest and relaxation, a great way to celebrate the energies of this Gemini full moon is to sit down with a book, perhaps one that relates to some questions or interests that have recently been arising. The knowledge you receive will offer great mental stimulation, and perhaps inspire new thoughts and changes.
  • Do a Full Moon Dance: Nothing is as cleansing and refreshing as some expressive free dance. Especially with the Mercury retrograde, and the madness full moons can inspire, this is a good time to shed some layers of energy by shaking it out. Light some candles, turn down the lights, and center yourself. Connect with that super-powerful Gemini moon, and call that energy into your body. Connect with that fiery sun in Sagittarius, too. What questions or frustrations have been arising in your life? Allow yourself to slowly physically express your emotions, giving yourself greater freedom with each movement. Work through those questions with some dance.
  • Journey Inwards: With all of these questions and thoughts arising and the Mercury retrograde, magically, this is a better time to some inner work rather than send out our intentions. Try to journey to a past life, or connect with a guide of deity. The Gemini Moon is a great time to create new spells, so take advantage of that and journey to find that inspiration.
  • Charge your crystals: With it’s sacral chakra association, wisdom, and artistic energy, amber is going to be a great stone for self expression and release. Use it for your pathworking to connect to past lives, or hold it while pursuing creative endeavors to help you with inspiration.



I hope you get some rest and relaxation this full moon! Stay tuned for a video on how to take advantage of this coming Mercury retrograde.




October Full Moon 2017: Reciprocity and Release

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October Full Moon

Blood Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon

Thursday October 5, 201711:40 AM PST

Please note that this is based off the Northern Hemisphere and varying Western traditions.

We have officially left the manifestive energies of the summer months and entered the transformative, reflective energies of autumn, with winter soon to follow. Leaves begin to change color, fall, and collect in heaps on the earth beneath, a powerful reminder of death and release. The first full moon of the season marks this powerful, reflective time of life and death. The Blood Moon occurs early in the day on Thursday, October 5th, but the energies will last 3 days prior, and 3 days after. Given that at the end of this month, cultures across the globe take time to honor the dead, this full moon marks the start of the celebration and reflection of death.

Named Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon, the October full moon signifies the start of the hunting season. While nowadays in modern American culture, many people do not practice hunting themselves, and others rightfully choose to not eat meat at all, the hunting season of this time of year was celebrated by our ancestors across the globe, and thus, reverberates in our blood, our DNA, and the energy of the earth. Whether through our ancestors or through ourselves, various animals and plants have given their lifeforce to sustain us. Think of the food you eat, the house you live in, even the furniture you rest on and the fabric of your clothes. This Blood Moon is an important time to show reciprocity for this lifeforce, and honor the lives (animal and plant alike) that were sacrificed to sustain human life.

The energy of this full moon is about cycles, endings, and beginnings, making it a great time to break habits, cut ties that no longer serve you, and subsequently, call in the new energy you want to replace them. This year, the Blood Moon occurs in the Aries sign, giving the full moon an extra “umph” for issues involving courage, victory, and health concerns. This is also a great time for small accomplishments, the little things on your “to-do list” you’ve been meaning to cross off, accomplishments that will give you an added confidence in your abilities and personal power. As you work on clearing out energy and focus on bringing in the new, the energy of Aries will give the strength you need to do the mundane work to initiate those changes, face any challenges, and arise victorious.

So, what can you do to take advantage of these energies?

  • Reflect & Gratitude: Take the time to sit down and meditate in the light of a flame of a single white or red candle. Reflect on the energy of the earth around you - the trees, the grass, the behaviors of the animals around you - all transforming right in front of your eyes. Perhaps sit outside by the trunk of tree and witness the slow, subtle, yet strong breath of Mother Earth shift all around you into Autumn. Think on the natural cycles of life and death, and your place within this cycle, and how you engage in this cycle. Take a moment to give thanks, and keep the candle lit (under supervision) for gratitude. Perhaps leave an offering of your choice. Yellow roses or flowers, a symbol of reciprocity and joy, make a great, biodegradable offering to “light” up your altar.
  • Do Energy Work Revolving Around Health: Now is a powerful time, with the combination of the moon in Aries, and also the cyclical energy of life death, to tackle any health issues. If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from health concerns, now is a pristine time to do any magic to help heal.
  • Clear the Pathway: Given that the energy of the Blood Moon is about life, death, and rebirth, reflect on some cycles in your life that you may wish to end. Then, think about some new beginnings, or different horizons that you are considering. Burn a candle, usually yellow or white, dedicated to clearing the old habit, tie, or karmic cycle. Use herbs like lemongrass, hyssop, and sage to dress the candle. Alternatively, you can do a fire ceremony burning the roots of weeds, envisioning them as the roots of the things you intend to release. You will want to follow up either ceremony by replacing the energy so that the habit does not take root again, so burn another candle or charge a crystal for the more positive things you’d like to manifest in replacement.
  • Do Arts and Crafts: One way to honor and give thanks for to the vegetation and animals that sustain human life, is to reuse their by-product (such as seeds and rinds) through various crafts. For example, you can string together apple and anise seeds for a little love charm. You can use the seeds of lemons, or even peppercorn, to create a makeshift rattle/noise maker, to help clear energy in clearing spaces or shamanic journeying.
  • Charge your Crystals: Citrine will be a great stone for this time, as it's cleansing and renewing properties will assist in changing habits, and bring in more positive energies. Aventurine will help bring in a loving, grateful energy, while moss agate is great for connecting to the earth energies. Garnet is a powerful stone for connecting to ancestors and “primal” earth force energies. Charge any of these stones, or any that you feel drawn to for the occasion, to assist throughout the year.

Full Moon Blessings,



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The Autumn Equinox 2017: Balance and Gratitude

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Autumn Equinox, the Second Harvest

Friday September 22, 2017

Please note that this is based off the Northern Hemisphere and varying Western traditions.

Today marks the first day of Fall, the Autumnal Equinox: one of two days of the year where the night and day are of equal length. The symbolism of that is powerful in itself - balance, restoration, harmony. But today is also the second harvest, with the final and third harvest arriving the end of next month. Today is an important marker of gratitude and reflection.

Light and day are being held in balance, and the sun in Libra only strengthens that energy. Look at areas of your life that are out of harmony. Are you receiving as much as you are giving? Are you giving as much as you are receiving? What relationships in your life need balance? If you are dealing with any legal issues, tonight is an especially powerful time to energetically tackle them. Utilize that Libra energy to think about what other aspirations you have, and call them into balance. Are you dedicating enough time to accomplish those things? What else do you need to do to achieve them? But also look at what you’ve accomplished so far and celebrate!

Henceforth we are inching closer to Samhain, a time of year where many cultures across the globe celebrate and honor the dead. This is a time to begin putting up your ancestor altars. Give gratitude and thanks to those ancestors, and also to the bounty the earth has provided. Gather friends, cook a meal or put together a potluck, celebrating the harvest. Leave a plate out for those that have passed, but also to honor those that will come after.

This year, Mabon comes with a new moon in Scorpio. New moons in general are good times for rest, divination, and truth discovery. The new moon in Scorpio is only going accentuate those energies and give it an extra umph.

So, how should you take advantage of this energy?

  • Celebrate the Harvest: Celebrate the bounty of the second harvest! Gather friends for the Equinox, and do a potluck dinner or picnic this weekend. Or, simply spend some time cooking in the kitchen! Reflect on all that you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Show Gratitude: While harvests are always a time to reap and celebrate accomplishments, Mabon is an important time of balance, so take a moment to demonstrate gratitude for those accomplishments as well. With all of the events happening in the world right now, send some love and gratitude to the ancestors that bore you your body, and to the earth that sustains your life and vibration. Set aside some wine, or even food in thanks.
  • Set Up an Ancestor Altar: The nights will be getting longer, and the days will be getting shorter. The veil is beginning to thin, so it is a good time to begin connecting with your ancestors. Setting up an altar, or even just a corner of your home in their honor--however simple--is a powerful gesture. As you begin to look at what lies ahead, your ancestors will be especially helpful as you pursue your aspirations.
  • Reflect on Your Goals and Aspirations: With the final harvest coming next month, now is the time to check in and see what else is left to accomplish. Meditate on what is left to be done to fulfill those desires, then burn an orange candle with hibiscus and thistle (or whatever herb you see fit for the occasion) to help open the pathway for success in those endeavors.
  • Charge your crystals: When utilizing the energy of Mabon, stones such as citrine, and amber (the fossilized resin of trees), are great for bringing in success. Clear quartz and tiger’s eye will be helpful in discerning the path ahead, and invoking clear thinking. Place these stones by your candle as it burns, allowing them to soak in the energy of your intentions. Then, meditate with them or carry them with you throughout the coming month!


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September Full Moon 2017: Clarity and Resolution

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September Full Moon:

Harvest Moon, Barley Moon, Nut Moon, Wine Moon

Wednesday September 6th, 2017 12:03 am PST

Please note that this is based off the Northern Hemisphere and varying Western traditions.

We are entering the last full moon of the summer, the full moon right before the start of the Autumn season--but more importantly, the first full moon after the solar eclipse. An intense eclipse season this past month has brought many things into question: our life paths, our relationships, what it is that makes us “shine.” For a time, things were in disarray. And while we will feel the reverberations of this eclipse for months to come, this full moon comes at the perfect time to remedy the confusion.

With the end of Mercury retrograde just 17 hours before the full moon, we can expect to see communication, technological, and other Mercury-related issues come to an end. And with the full moon in Pisces at 12:03 AM PST on Wednesday, this is the perfect time for us to step away from the disarray of this past late July - August, and onto the path of clarity and resolution.

The September full moon, called Harvest Moon or Wine moon generally, is as the name suggestions: a time of harvest and introspection. Grape harvests are ending, and the wonderful wine that comes with that offers an altered state of consciousness. An altered state, that allows us to look to prophecy and divination, and to develop our intuition. This is also about confidence in ourselves and in these intuitive abilities, that with the moon in Pisces, will help us seek answers and guidance.

But it’s also important to look at the celebrations around this full moon. Lammas or Lughnasadh, the first harvest, happened this past August, and Mabon, the fall equinox and the second harvest will follow with the new moon at the end of the month. We are heading away from the summer months that offered action and momentum, into the winter months of introspection into our inner realms. And the events of this eclipse season have certainly added a lot to the plate of self-examination. Now is the time that the home and the hearth starts to become more prominent, as the weather begins turning to the cold.

So, what can you take advantage of the energies of this full moon?

  • Seek clarity and guidance: Light a white candle with rosemary and mugwort for clarity. Or use other purifying and psychic herbs and oils of your choosing.
  • Take advantage of divination: This is a good time for psychic development, so sit down with a tarot or oracle deck, your runes, your bones, or whatever you use to divine (and if you don’t have anything - google for free tarot or runes readings online. Many websites have free reading options). And ideally, the answers will give you guidance to questions that arose this past eclipse.
  • Take the time to declutter and clean your home: As we turn to the colder months, the home will become a more prominent place in our lives. And like my mother always says, “A messy room is a messy mind!” As we seek resolution to the many things that were brought into question this eclipse season, having a clean home can help us discern what is truly important.
  • Celebrate: Like with every full moon, it’s a good time to sit down and celebrate. The harvest is coming to an end soon in October, so celebrate your achievements! You survived the eclipse season, and if you weren’t too affected by the eclipses, you survived the craziness of those around you who were. And the Wine Moon is the perfect time to enjoy a nice cup of vino (of if you are looking for an excuse to drink!). Pour a cup to your god(s), to yourself, and the bountiful harvest to come.
  • Charge your crystals: Like every full moon, set aside a few stones to charge with this energy. Many of us can use guidance throughout the year, so why not capture that energy for those times to come! Some good stones are iolite (and sunstone usually occurs with it - although it’s a full moon, charging sunstone with iolite in it could help balance the energies from the solar eclipse with this full moon, bringing it full circle). Lapis Lazuli, clear quartz, or any other stone your intuition guides you to use, really.
  • Burn some incense or herbs: Use meditating scents that will help you alter your state of mind. I generally find opium incense, mugwort, palo santo, and chamomile help quiet my mind so that I can better hear and understand my intuition.

The energy of this full moon with last for three days afterwards, so find the time to celebrate it, however small!


Full Moon Blessings,



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